Monday, February 4, 2008

Final Decision

I finally decided what to do with the poncho. I took a page from Cass's book (see Shut Up, I'm Counting) and made a shrug type thing out of it. She said the one she made was basically a large after ripping out my seams and then joining the two pieces, I sewed in a seam part of the way up on both sides for sleeves. Mine is nowhere near as pretty as hers, but it's quite serviceable. I tried to get my mom to model it for a picture today, but she wouldn't do it. So I'll have to wait and see if I can talk my husband into modeling it for me so I can get a pic posted so you can compare the talents of someone just learning to knit (me) with the talents of someone who is quite adept at knitting (Cass). Now for another picture or two of a totally non-related subject.

This is my mom's poodle/chihuahua mix puppy, Baby. Isn't she just too adorable for words??

Yet another pic of Sassy doing what she does best...

Oh, and speaking of Sassy, my mother, who is babysitting my brother's basset hound (Lexie) informed me today that if he didn't come get her soon she was going to come stay with me. Now, let me fill you in on a bit of information...I live in a really really small house. I barely have room for the hound that I've got...let alone another one that's just as big. But I guess if it comes down to it she'll be welcome here too. I have a soft spot for droopy faces and sad eyes.

Lexie, right after a bath....

Checkin out the place...please excuse the diaper...she was in heat.

Okay, well I'm gonna get off here and do something productive.

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